As can be seen on our github page, the roadmap of topics being being addressed by the boilerplate is still in progress. Likewise, some documentation has been written that doesn't exist on the boilerplate and visa versa.

Below is the current progress of finished and planned items for the documentation.


  • Personal Security Practices
  • Hashicorp Vault / Chamber
  • Automatically check for exposed secrets


  • Overview of kinds of Testing
  • Comparing Testing Frameworks
  • Pros and Cons of Typescript

Project Structure

  • Monorepo
  • Code formating
  • Microservices
  • Serverless

Source Control/ Automation

  • Github Actions
  • Automated Builds and checks (now)
  • Automatically deploy previews of PR's (now)
  • CICD


  • GraphQl
  • Primsa, Appsync, and Hasura
  • Graph databases


  • Component System
  • Design Workflow
  • Frontend Framework Specifics